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Wednesday Aug 23

Tornado Preparedness

3 Ways to Survive a Tornado

 1. Learn the difference between a Tornado Watch and a Tornado Warning.  Tornado Watch: conditions favourable for a tornado to develop. Keep alert andwatch for changing weather conditions, and listen to weather updates.   Tornado Warning: a tornado has been sighted in your area, or has been pickedup on radar. Seek shelter immediately.  
2. Get prepared.   Have an emergency preparedness plan and kit ready that will be able to supportyou and your family to last at least 72 hours.   Have a plan. Know your escape route and meeting place. Practice! 

3. Know what to do.  Indoorso Go to the lowest level of the building (cellar, basement, etc.).o If no basement, choose an inner hallway or smaller room with no windows.o Stay away from windows, outside walls and doors. o Get under a piece of sturdy furniture like a heavy table or desk and hold on. o If in a mobile home – get out and find shelter elsewhere! o Avoid places with wide-span roofs like cafeterias and shopping smalls. o Use your arms to protect your head and neck.o Shut off power, gas and water.   Outdoors o If possible, get inside a building.o Lie in a ditch or a low area — or crouch near a strong building and stay away from fallen power lines. 

 In a vehicleo If the tornado is close, leave the vehicle immediately and take cover in a low area. Never try to drive!o Find shelter away from the vehicle. redcross.ca/prepare      @RedCrossSK       #skstorm

Red Cross Guide to Flood Recovery

With the anticipated above average spring melt runoff here are some useful tips on cleaning up after a flood. Please click here to view the Red Cross Guide to Flood Recovery.

Damaged Loraas Garbage Bins

If your loraas bin has been or ever is damaged due to the Loraas driver such as it being squished in or broken wheels. Please contact the the Village office to report it as Loraas is responsible for the damages and will ensure they are fixed or replaced.


Senior housing is offered in Vibank  to persons 60 years of age or over, and persons with physical disabilities who are able to live independently. Preference is given to persons with lower incomes and persons who are living at risk. Tenants living in Senior Housing pay a monthly rent based on a percentage of their total gross household income as defined in the Graduated Rent Scale.

For more information or an application form please contact Leetta at 762-2018. 

Application forms are also available at the Village Office Monday - Friday 8am - 5:15 pm.

Jump-in, Vibank!


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