1. The Village has been overrun with dogs and cats on the loose.  Please register your pets with the Village $5.00/animal/year, DO NOT let your pet run at large, even small dogs can be threatening to a child or someone not accustomed to animals. Remember to scoop up after your pet to keep the Village streets and sidewalks mess free. Soccer season is just around the corner, kindly keep the sports ground clean for our children to enjoy.  The Village fine for unlicensed pets can add up to $100.00, impound fees for animals at large can quickly add up as well.
  2. The Vibank Senior/Low Income Housing has five vacancies, please refer someone who may be in need of a rental unit to the Housing Authority.  For an application form or more information please contact Leetta at 762-2018.
  3. Reminder to pay your water/utility bills, before March 31,  if you have not done so already.
  4. Vibank Earth Day is April 27th – Want to lend a hand call The Office 306-762-2130
  5. To view Village Bylaws and Policy updates please go to : https://vibank.ca/municipal/bylaws-policies/