Contact Info


Village Office 
101 – 2nd. Ave.
Vibank Heritage Centre

Public Works Manager
Leonard Selinger
Tel: (306) 526-8658
Public Works
Tyler Stone
Tel: (639)590-5957
Effective Currently, office hours will be 8:00 a.m. to 4:00p.m. Monday  to Friday.

Council Information:

Ryan Reiss
Tel: 306-530-9405
Personnel/Rec Board/Water & Sewer/School Parent Council/Lagoon/OHS/Bylaw Review
Deputy Mayor
Catherine Mastel
Tel: 306-533-6230
Fire Department/Library/Landfill/OHS/Nuisance Committee
Don McCarron
Tel: 306-762-4641
Buildings/DayCare/Water & Sewer/Lagoon/OHS/Bylaw Review
Brady Lockert
Tel: 306-540-9307
Transportation/OHS/Emergency Measures/Nuisance Committee
Mitchell Young
Tel: 306-531-2572
Buildings/Transportation/Personnel/OHS/Emergency Measures