Regular household garbage pick up for Vibank is every Tuesday. Garbage pick up will be changing to Mondays beginning April 1, 2024.
Recycling pick up is every other Thursday.

2024 Schedule Vibank-Collection-Calendar-2024

Please ensure your cart is out by 7am and brought off the street in the evening to ensure your bin does not get damaged.

General Reminder of Do’s and Don’ts for Cart Use:


  • Your cart must be curbside by 7:00a.m on collection day.
  • Bag all trash and place inside the cart; bagged or un-bagged trash left beside the cart will NOT be collected.
  • Keep the lid closed.


  • Overfill the cart, (keep lid closed).
  • Pack trash too tightly.
  • Paint or write on cart
  • Remove cart from your residence.

Items Not Allowed in or Near Carts:

  • Hazardous waste including: paint, solvents etc.
  • Sod, dirt or concrete
  • Ashes or any description
  • Construction or demolition materials including: boards, roofing materials, carpet etc
  • Automotive parts, oil filters, oil etc.
  • Tree clippings over 2’ in length
  • Liquids of any kind
  • Animals or animal parts


Loraas Recycling guide