Left to Right:
Top Row: Brady Lockert, Mitchell Young
Bottom Row: Ryan Reiss, Don McCaron, Cathy Mastel

2024 – Mayor Ryan Reiss resigns his position, Cathy Mastel is appointed Acting Mayor, Brady Lockert is appointed Deputy Mayor

2022 – By- election Result: Councilor Elect Mitchell Young – Replaces Roger Ecarnot

2022 – Cathy Mastel – Deputy Mayor

2021 – By election Result : Councilor Elect Brady Lockert – Replaces Paul Stoppler

2020-2024 Council Elect : Mayor Ryan Reiss, Councilors Roger Ecarnot, Cathy Mastel,
Don McCarron, and Paul Stopper

2016-2020 Village Council :
Back Row: Councilors Don McCarron and Cathy Mastel
Front Row: Deputy Mayor Roger Ecarnot, Mayor Ryan Reiss, The late Councilor Ian Brimble (passed away April 2020)

Council Information:

Acting Mayor

Catherine Mastel
Fire Department / Library / Landfill / OHS / Nuisance Committee

Public Disclosure Statement – Cathy Mastel

Deputy Mayor

Brady Lockert
Transportation / OHS / Emergency Measures / Nuisance Committee

Public Disclosure Statement – Brady Lockert


Don McCarron
Buildings  /DayCare / Water & Sewer / Lagoon / OHS / Bylaw Review
Public Disclosure Statement – Don McCarron

Mitchell Young
Buildings / Transportation / Personnel / OHS / Emergency Measures

MYoungs public disclosure statement

Public Disclosure Statements – 2020-2021 Council – Public Disclosure Statement – as above

The Village is pleased to share its Strategic Plan for 2021-2024 adopted by Council March 2020:   Approved 2020-2024 Strategic Plan