Taxes, Water, & Sewer


Taxes are levied prior to July 1st for the calendar year, and are considered in arrears ( past due ) as of December 31st . Currently Council has an early payment initiative of 5% for Municipal taxes paid prior to August 31st.

Municipal Taxes are charged on 80% of your residential property assessed value.  The Village of Vibank has a base tax of $1550.00 and the 2020  Mill Rate is 3.50
The Provincial Government has a residential School Board Mill Rate of 4.12

Contact the Office at 306-762-2130 for more information on Commercial Mill Rates. For Assessment information refer to 2020’s assessment information at : Assessment information letter Village of Vibank

A note about Tax Arrears

If your property taxes are not paid in full by the end of the year, they are considered to be in arrears. Municipalities must add a financial penalty to your tax arrears. Penalties added to arrears are considered part of the tax arrears. The penalty can range from 9 per cent to 25 per cent per year. Vibank applies a 15% penalty on January 1st . You will be not be notified, however  this penalty amount will be indicated on your upcoming years’ Tax Notice. As a first step in bringing your account up-to-date, taxpayers are encouraged to seek alternate lower cost/longer-term financing through external options such as financial institutions.
Tax Enforcement Process: Council determines when Administration is to begin Tax Enforcement proceedings set out in The Tax Enforcement Act.  Village of Vibank contracts an outside party to carry out tax enforcement activities.  Vibank recovers the cost of tax enforcement activities by adding these costs to your tax arrears. The process starts with the publication of the Tax Enforcement List in The Forum Newspaper. The list will identify your property and the amount of taxes owed.  A copy of this list will be posted in the municipal office.  A portion of the cost of advertising the list will be added to your tax arrears. The Village of Vibank does not give advance notification of its intent to publish and is not obligated to provide this service.
Tax Lien: Your municipality will register an interest, commonly called a tax lien, against your property if you do not pay your tax arrears and your share of the cost of advertising by the deadline in the Tax Enforcement List.  The deadline is at least 60 days after the Tax Enforcement List is published in the newspaper.  This interest registration is known as a tax lien.  ISC will send a notice that the tax lien is registered against your property.  The cost of registering the tax lien will be paid by your municipality.  This cost is added to your tax arrears. A tax registration lien means that the property can be offered for sale by the Village after waiting the mandatory waiting period.  The minimum asking price (cancellation price) will be all outstanding taxes including penalties and interest, administrative fees, and any additional amounts which may be added to the tax account.  There is no requirement for the Village to obtain fair market value for the property.Taken from: Citizens Guide to Municipal Tax Enforcement. This guide outlines the process municipalities follow to collect property taxes that are in arrears.  For further information, contact a municipal advisor:  Ministry of Government Relations Advisory Services and Municipal Relations 1010 – 1855 Victoria Avenue REGINA SK S4P 3T2 Phone: (306) 787-2680


The Village of Vibank is proud to announce that our $2.1 million construction of a new Reverse Osmosis water system is  complete.  The project involves funding from all three levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal.
In October of 2018, the Village completed a new lift station on Blenkhorn Street, that will look after the Village needs for the foreseeable future. This was a $500,000.00 upgrade made possible by all three levels of government: federal, provincial, and municipal.
The Village of Vibank’s Water Compliance report, which is required by the Province of Saskatchewan to be published each year, has been posted.  Please click on the link below to view a .pdf document of the complete report.
2020 Drinking Water Compliance Report 2020 Notice to Consumers
2019 Drinking Water Compliance Report 2019 Drinking water compliance report
2018 Drinking Water Compliance Report 2018 Annual Notice to Consumers – Water
Rates and Fees:
Bylaw 2019-04 A Bylaw to set the rates for water and sewer has come in effect as of July 1, 2019 – Bylaw 2019-04 – Water and Sewer Rate Bylaw
Water Policy – 2019 Waterworks Policy
Sanitary Sewer blockage  – what you need to know in the event of a sewer blockage in your home – Sanitary Sewer Blockage PSA
What not to FLUSH reminder – A reminder what NOT to flush