Municipal Reports –

Municipal Reports, Strategic Planning Documents, Budget and Water Works documents are available for viewing by clicking on the links below detailed any follow up documents can be requested at the Village Office and can be viewed, emailed, or printed ( copies are charged as per fee bylaw)

kindly contact the Office if links are broken or unavailable.

Village of Vibank Financial statement 2021 – coming July 2022

Budget 2022 – Budget Overview Public Document 2022 Village of Vibank

Budget 2021 –Item # 17 – Budget Overview Public Document 2021 Village of Vibank

Village of Vibank Financial Statement 2020 – Statement of Operations 2020

Budget 2020 – Budget Overview Public Document 2020 Village of Vibank

Village of Vibank Financial Statement 2019 – 2019 Audited Financial Statement Document

Budget 2019 – Budget 2019

Village of Vibank Financial Statement 2018 – Village Financial Statement Summary Report 2018

Village of Vibank Strategic Plan – March 2021 – Approved 2020-2024 Strategic Plan

Asset Management Plan –Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Strategy – ASSET MANAGEMENT STRATEGY 2018 VIBANK