Bylaws & Policies


The Village of Vibank takes every effort to keep this data as accurate and current as possible.  All bylaws and policies for the Village are not listed below, and attachments/appendix may be missing.  If you are looking for a bylaw or policy that is not listed call the Office and inquire.

This data is for reference purposes only. Please contact the Village of Vibank if you are intending to use this data for legal purposes. Please do not copy and disseminate this information without the consent of the Village Administration.

When using the information contained herein, the original Bylaws and Policies  should be consulted for the purpose of interpretation and application of the law.

Thank you.


Bylaw 2024-04 a bylaw to Dispense with the Mailing of Assessment notices

Bylaw 2024-03 a bylaw to establish Tax Incentives and Penalties

Bylaw 2024-02 a bylaw to fix the mill rate for 2024

Bylaw 2024-01 a bylaw to provide for the exemption from taxation for the best interests of the community

Bylaw 2023-08 Bylaw 2023-08 Traffic Bylaw amendment

Bylaw 2023-07 Bylaw 2023-07 Fees Bylaw

Bylaw 2023-006 Bylaw 2023-006 A Bylaw to Establish Property Tax Incentives and Penalties

Bylaw 2023-005 Bylaw 2023-005 A Bylaw to Fix the Mill Rate for 2023

Bylaw 2023-004 Bylaw 2023-004 A Bylaw to Provide for a Base Tax

Bylaw 2023-003 Bylaw 2023-03 A Bylaw to amend Bylaw 2019-10 Traffic Bylaw (new signage at Mytopher Park)

Bylaw 2023-002 Bylaw 2023-02 A Bylaw to amend Bylaw 2019-04 Water and Sewer Rates Bylaw

Bylaw 2023-001 Bylaw 2023-01 A Bylaw to amend Bylaw 2019-01 Fees Bylaw

proposed Bylaw 2022-011 Bylaw 2022-011 Zoning Bylaw

proposed Bylaw 2022-010 Bylaw 2022-010 Official Community Plan

Bylaw 2022-003 Bylaw 2022-003 Amendment to 2021-005 cost recovery

Bylaw 2022-002 Bylaw 2022-002 Amendment to 2013-08 Building Bylaw

Bylaw 2022-001 Bylaw 2022-001 Council Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics Compliant Form Bylaw 2022-001 Ethics Complaint Form

Bylaw 2021-006 2021-006 Fire Restriction

Bylaw 2021-005 2021-005 Fire cost recovery

Bylaw 2021-004 – 2021-004 Tax incentives and penalties

Bylaw 2021- 003 – 2021-003 Mill Rate for 2021

Bylaw 2020-02      Bylaw 2020-002 – ATV Bylaw

Bylaw 2020-01      Bylaw 2020-001 – 2020 Fee Schedule Amendment to Bylaw 2019 -01 Fees Bylaw

Bylaw 2019 – 10 – 2019-10 -Traffic Amendment Bylaw

Bylaw 2019 – 09 – 2019-09 – Fire Agreement Bylaw

Bylaw 2019 -06 – Bylaw 2019-06 Fee Bylaw amendment 2019-01

Bylaw 2019 -05 – Bylaw 2019-05 Dog License Bylaw 2002-08 Amendment

Bylaw 2019-04 – Bylaw 2019-04 – Water and Sewer Rate Bylaw

Bylaw 2019 -03 – Bylaw 2019-03 Waste Material Fees

Bylaw 2019-02 – Council Remuneration  Bylaw – 2019-02 – Council Remuneration

Bylaw 2019-001 – Fees Bylaw Bylaw 2019 – 01 – Fees Bylaw

Bylaw 2018-005 – False Alarm  2018-005 False Alarm Bylaw   

Bylaw 2006-001 – Nuisance  – Nuisance Bylaw

Bylaw 2002-008 – Dogs at Large and License  – Bylaw 2002-008 Regulate running at large domesticated animals

Bylaw 96-5 – Snowmobile Bylaw  – Snowmobile Bylaw – 96-5

Bylaw 95-7 – Snow on Village Streets – Bylaw 95-7 – Removal of Snow

Bylaw  83.1 – Noise Bylaw – Bylaw 83-1 NOISE

Suspected bylaw violations can be submitted to the Village Town Office in writing or by dropping off the Bylaw complaint form. The complaint form is available at the Village Office or download the  Bylaw Complaint Form  To aid staff in responding to your complaint in a timely manner, please insure the following information is completed on the form:

◦Your name and phone number for contact, if follow-up is required
◦The address and location of the property for which you are submitting a complaint
◦A short and concise description of the complaint

Any personal information you provide is confidential and will not be disclosed to the subject of the complaint. It is important to have the complaint in writing for future references.

What happens after I submit a bylaw complaint?
◦The staff at the Village Office will file your complaint into the system and then forward it to the Bylaw Enforcement Officer or an agent of the Village.
◦The assigned officer will visit the location of the complaint to conduct an initial inspection. Depending on the volume of complaints and available time, it may take several days before an initial inspection occurs. Complaints are handled on a priority basis.
◦If there appears to be a bylaw violation, the officer will take appropriate action to achieve compliance, depending on the type of violation.

Village of Vibank No. 2016-2A

A Bylaw to Provide for Entering into an Agreement Respecting the Provisions of Fire Protection Services

Village of Vibank No. 2002-8 and Amendment 2016-2

A Bylaw to License and Regulate the Running at Large of Domesticated Animals

Village of Vibank No. 2016-1

A Bylaw to Regulate the Proceedings of Municipal Council and Council's Committees

Village of Vibank No. 2015-9

A Bylaw in the Province of Saskatchewan, to supplement the Highway Traffic Act, 1986, Regulating Traffic upon and the use of the Public Streets of the Village of Vibank and Preserving Order Therein.

Village of Vibank No. 2014-11

A Bylaw to Provide for the Administration of the Municipal Corporation and to set forth the duties and Powers of the Designatged Officers for the Village of Vibank.

Village of Vibank No. 2010-6

The policies of this Official Community Plan (OCP) shall apply to the incorporated area of the Village. Objectives and Policies related to areas outside the current limits of the Village shall guide Council in its actions regarding the land and relationships with neighbouring rural and urban municipalities and nearby First Nations.

Village of Vibank No. 2010-5

The purpose of this Bylaw is to implement the policies in the Official Community Plan and to regulate land use.


Workplace Violence Prevention Policy – Passed Policy 2024-01 coming soon

Waterworks Policy – Passed Policy 2023-01 Waterworks policy

Snow Policy – Snow policy map

Covid-19 Vaccination Policy – Passed Policy 2021-004 Covid Vaccination Policy

Mandatory Masking in the Heritage Centre – 2021-003 – Masking policy Heritage Building

Spraying of Weeds on Municipal Property – 2021-002 spraying of weeds on Municipal Property policy

Prevention of Workplace Violence Policy – Passed Policy 2021-001 – PREVENTION OF WORKPLACE VIOLENCE POLICY

Spraying of Weeds on Municipal Property Policy – Passed Policy 2021-002 – Spraying of Weeds on Municipal Property

Order to Remedy Policy – Passed 2020-004 Nuisance Order to remedy Policy

Water and Sewer line Policy – Passed Policy- 2019-004 Water Sewer Line Repair

Zero Tolerance Policy – Passed Policy- February 26 – 2019-002 Zero tolerance Policy

Receipting Policy Passed Policy- March 26 – 2019-001 Receipting of Payments Policy

Fit for Duty Policy Policy 2018-003- Fit for duty policy

NSF Cheque Policy Vibank NSF Fee Policy

Travel, Mileage, and Meals Policy Policy Mileage, Meals, and Travel 001-2017

Policy No. 102

Snow Removal Procedure

Policy No. 101

Sidewalk Cost Sharing Policy

Policy No. 100

A Policy & Procedure for Employee Code of Conduct/Ethics