The Village Office will be closing between Christmas and New Years this year, from December 23 thru to January 1, 2020.  The Village Office will reopen on January 2, 2020.  Public Works is on stand-by to handle water and sewer emergencies call:  306-550-5957.

Please make sure your Village 2019 accounts are paid in full prior to December 20th .  This includes  on line, in person, credit card, or debit transactions. All transactions must be completed and a receipt issued by December 20th , to avoid 15% penalty on all unpaid accounts including water/sewer utilities and TAXES.   

The Village accepts Post-dated (for December 31st) cheques when received on or before December 20th .

Both Bylaw 2016-7, (section C(8) accounts in arrears will be transferred to, and form part of the taxes on the land; this includes water/sewer, bylaw fines, and order to remedy works) , and Receipting Policy 2019-001 are available on our web site:

Please contact the Village if you have concerns or questions on your account or how this Office closure affects you.