The WSA has rescinded the precautionary boil water advisory as of 3 pm today May 23.

May 23, 2020
Mayor and Council
Village of Vibank
Box 204
Vibank, Sk
S0G 4Y0
Dear Waterworks Owner/Operator:
RE: Rescinding – Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory – Vibank Waterworks
The Water Security Agency, in consultation with the Saskatchewan Health Authority Regina Office, is
advising that the “Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory” (PDWA) issued by the Water Security Agency for
the Village of Vibank’s potable water system has been rescinded, as of 2:45pm Saturday, May 23, 2020.
The rescinding of the PDWA was based upon information provided by your community, which included:
• The maintenance has been completed;
• Distribution system has been flushed;
• The receipt of two consecutive sets of three (3) bacteriological samples collected 24 hrs apart are
negative for bacteriological growth in the final treated potable water.
Your clients may return to normal monitoring requirements as identified in your permits monitoring
In closing, I would like to acknowledge that the Water Security Agency appreciates the efforts and
cooperation demonstrated by staff at your facility, as well as officials of the Village of Vibank in addressing
the advisory.
Thank you for your cooperation in this regard. For further information please do not hesitate to contact the
undersigned at (306) 786-1424
Rick Sheichuk
Environmental Services Section – South
Environmental and Municipal Management Services Division
Water Security Agency
cc: Sask Health Authority, Regina
Water Security Agency


The WSA has issued a PRECAUTIONARY boil water advisory for the Village of Vibank .  Precautionary  Boil water advisory are normally in place for 3-5 days pending two consecutive negative bacteriological samples. The Village will inform residents when the advisory has been lifted.

Thank you for your patience Vibank!! Water has been turned on and will be at a lower pressure for a bit yet, you can expect full pressure with in the next hour. Please remember that the precautionary boil water advisory is in place and will remain until the WSA notifies the Village that our bacteriological samples are negative, we are predicting this will be early next week. The Village will send out a voice message when the advisory is lifted.

Information sheet on Precautionary boil water advisory – information sheet

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