HALLOWEEN 2020 – Please go trick or treating when and how you wish, the Village will have treat bags from donated candy by community members who want to support Halloween , but do not want you to come to their doors this Halloween due to Covid, so if you are out trick or treating between 5 and 7 pm come to the hall, if people have their lights on have fun, remember to social distance and respect those who do not have their lights on and those who participated in the treat bag program at the Hall.

In an effort to keep COVID under control and for the safety and continued good health of our residents – Children are encouraged to attend the Vibank Treat-bag Program at the Centennial Hall – 103 1st Ave
The Village of Vibank Mayor & Council are recommending that children do not go door to door this year. If you insist on going door to door please do so between 5PM and 7PM. Please remember to stay home if feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms. Times listed are only suggested so children are encouraged to attend the Socially Distanced sanitized treat bag program at the hall. Trick or treating is a personal choice, wear masks, use hand sanitizer, practice social distancing, and be SAFE!!



Residents and businesses are urged to drop off donations (Monetary or Candy) to the Village Office before October 23rd 4PM .The Village will then assemble treat bags for distribution TREAT BAG PICK UP Will be held at the Vibank Centennial Hall on October 31st from 5PM-7PM. Residents and businesses will be supplied with signage for their windows/doors to help trick-or-treaters know that they donated to the community treat bag or program and not to ring their doorbells or knock on their doors. Please contact the Village office to Volunteer or for more information. Donations are being accepted now.


  • Stay home if you are sick or experiencing symptoms, do not hand out candy if you are sick or experiencing symptoms
  • Wear a facemask it is Halloween be creative!
  • Sanitize your hands OFTEN
  • Remember social distancing – 6ft-
  • Suggested Trick or Treating hours 5-7 PM
  • Bring kids to the Hall for Community sponsored treat bags.
  • Respect the signs that say they gave to the treat program
  • Consider Trick or Treating to your family bubble only


For Homes if handing out treats in the traditional way and Families going door to door:

  • Wear a mask
  • Sanitize often
  • Use tools like tongs to hand out candy
  • Consider leaving treats on a table outside
  • Mark 6 ft walkway to keep kids at a safe distance while waiting to approach your home.
  • Whenever possible accompany your children to ensure social distancing and proper candy safety
  • Bring hand sanitizer and use it often
  • Parents check children’s treat and sanitize as outlined in SK guidelines.