The Village of Vibank is advising all residents of a potential exposure of COVID-19 that occurred in the Village Office on Tuesday, January 5th. As a result of this potential exposure, we are taking the following precautionary steps for the balance of the week:
1) The office will be closed on Wednesday, January 6th
2) The office will be closed to foot traffic on Thursday January 7th and Friday January 8th. We will have a staff member in the office and working these days for any resident who may need assistance. Before coming into the office, we ask that you please reach out via phone at (306) 762-2130 so that we can asses your needs and potentially avoid an in-person interaction.
We need to emphasize that at this point in time, these are precautionary measures only.
We are following the advice of health care officials and will absolutely make sure we keep everyone posted of any changes to these circumstances.
Please know above all, our staff remains safe and healthy.
Thank you for your patience and understanding. If anyone has any concerns, please feel free to reach out to Mayor Ryan Reiss at (306) 530 – 9405 via phone or text message.
We hope to resume normal operations next week