***UPDATE 5:35pm There were more complications than anticipated, water will be off for a while longer, best estimate till 6:30 or later. This will mean our EPO will issue a boil water advisory . 


**Update – Water is off September 29 from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM The Village’s EPO from SWSA has been informed. Our EPO has informed us that due to the placement of the water shut off, no boil water advisory will be issued at this time.

Water disruptions will be occur in the Village starting Tuesday September 28 and continue through until October 1.

The Village is replacing three hydrants at:

  1. 2nd Ave and Main Street,
  2. 4th Ave and Main Street,
  3. Blenkhorn and Railway

There is the potential for low water pressure and possibly a complete water shut off ( for a maximum of one hour ) some time during the week between 10am and 5pm.

At this time the Village is unable to assist with a more streamlined timeline as we are at the mercy of the elements, the contractor, and the unknown extent of the damage to the valves.

Public Works thanks the Village for their understanding and will try to communicate a more accurate timeline when more information is available during the week as repairs are being completed.