Lots of good things happening in our Village.
Tax Notices will be mailed on Friday June 17. Please call the Office if you do not receive yours. The 2021 financial statement is not included in this mail out, the statement will be sent out in a separate mailing in July. (The 2021 water analysis is on our webpage and posted by the post office at the Office)
The budget document has been uploaded to the web site here Please reach out if you have questions.
The Village public works sent a reminder out yesterday about the upcoming ( possible ) extreme rains thank you for all your support in helping out with checking sewer caps, back flow preventers, and not parking on catch basins. Grass and weeds are growing like mad with this cooler weather, public works has sent out nuisance reminders, please make sure you are not creating hardship for your neighbours, cut your grass, trim your trees, tidy up unwanted junk, and remember any unlicensed vehicles, MUST be in a garage or shed, they cannot be stored in your yard.
The first loads of gravel have arrived and public works is topping up areas missed last fall. More to come.
Highways in Odessa has been notified about the west entrance to the Village. Watch when entering the Village as the potholes are large.
**Not to late to apply for the summer job working in the office coordinating summer fun activities in person and on social media, must be between 15 – 30 and continuing with school in the fall.
As always thank you for keeping our community safe and tidy.