Civic Election Information

Thinking about running for the upcoming Civic Election  - A virtual information session is available to all who may be considering running by registering at www.munisask.ca/events - September 10 at 6:30 PM To encourage participation in municipal governance and...

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Water Update

UPDATE August 10, 2020: We have determined that there are external electrical issues that are causing problems with the electronics at the water treatment plant. Safety mechanisms engage which then shut down the distribution, resulting in our staff having to manually...

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July Update

July Update: Wow what a windy July The Village will receive funding for our two Summer Students Robin and Evan who started on July 6. This is Evan's third year with the Village, and Robin's first. Robin will be helping out in the Office and running some summer...

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June Update

Taxes were mailed earlier this month, 5% discount is available on the Municipal portion of the taxes until August 31.  Taxes are due December 31, 2020.  More information on taxes can be found here: https://vibank.ca/village-services/water-sewer/ Village Council will...

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Fox Family

Vibank welcomes new neighbours at the Sports Park. Now it is more important than ever to keep your babies (fur and non) from running at large. The sports ground is home to a family of foxes. This is not a bad thing, they will reduce the gophers naturally and they will...

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Council Meeting May 26

Vibank Council Meeting is Tuesday May 26 at 7 pm via Zoom meeting. As per Legislation the public is still able to attend and anyone interested in attending can do so remotely through Zoom - a video communications program. Call the office on Tuesday afternoon to...

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Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.