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Wednesday Dec 13


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Message from the Mayor

The Village of Vibank is moving forward with an initiative to enhance Community Spirit and build stronger relationships with our neighbouring communities. 

Sports are a great way to get kids, youth and adults active for health and the positive benefits that are associated with the inherent life skills that sport and competition present. In order to accomplish this initiative, we have hired the services of Dan Kasperski (Kasper) as our new Recreation Director.

Kasper developed a community building program called the "Spirit of Excellence." This program helps communities to work together in an effort to develop local sports and recreation with local children youth and adults in local facilities. The development includes life skills that build better people that will be the pride of our community. Weare excited to have a Recreation Director with Kasper's qualifications and background and look forward to see this partnership develop over many years. A partnership that will not increase the taxes of Vibank residents if we all work together.

The Village Council understands that there will be a period of transition and we hope that the community gets behind the plan and supports Kasper, the Rec Board, the School and all other community groups as they work together to help build more Community Spirit!

Please help me welcome Kasper to our community. If things go well this year, Kasper has an interest in living in this area permanently and developing Vibank as a Center for Sport Excellence for years to come.

If you have any questions or would like to see a program, sport or event in Vibank, please contact Kasper through the contact information provided in this brochure... he's always open to visit for coffee!

- Shane Henderson, Mayor